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Quilting How-To Tutorial English Paper Piecing [EPP]

If you like to hand piece or would like a small project to see if you like it, English Paper Piecing [EPP] might just be for you. This method of piecing allows you to piece together odd shapes with 100% accuracy. It’s also the perfect on-the-go project that you can pick up whenever you have a spare second. You, most likely, already have many of the items in your stash that you will need to start a new EPP project. We’ll go through the basics with you here..

Marty & Teri

1:25 min Creating hexagon pieces
4:40 min Best pins to use when paper piecing
6:04 min Prepping your pieces
6:40 min Tools for paper piecing – our recommendations
7:26 min Traditional way of paper piecing – pros and cons
9:05 min Another way of paper piecing – how to stitch around the corners
11:15 min Advantages of the alternate concept of paper piecing
11:37 min Paper piecing squares and diamonds – including tips for the corners
12:15 min Putting your pieces together
12:19 min Why we prefer silk thread
13:00 min Why it’s best to leave paper pieces in the outside rows
13:40 min Putting the paper pieces together – a step-by-step tutorial
14:33 min Straight stitch vs diagonal / angled stitch [How to stitch a straight stitch so you will not see the stitches]
16:23 min How to manage pieces that don’t line up
18:19 min Another way to stitch pieces together
20:30 min Using patterns to create your paper pieces [pattern by Missy Carpenter]
21:30 min How-To: Other shapes to paper piece [diamonds and squares]

1. Our Collection of Mettler Silk threads
2. Clover Applique Needles
3. Olga 45mm Rotary Cutter

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