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Tips To Create a Super Easy Quilt!

You all know that Teri and I can talk the leg off a table, but get us started on easier ways to do things and we can go on for days – I guess it’s our Mom coming out in us. With 7 kids we always called her the Efficiency Expert!!!

So this week, we’re talking about sashing. It seems like such an innocent topic, but it really has many nuances. A lot of the time, we just do what the pattern tells us to, like good little quilters, but sometimes, we need to be brave and go off-road and try something else. We’re going to share a couple of options with you aaaannnnndddd give you a great deal on any of the Layer Cakes on the website. We’re going to show you a super easy quilt to make – yup! “whip it up this week ” easy!! Remember that there are limited amounts of the precuts, so it will be a first-come situation.

Hope you have a great week and we mention at the end of the video that “spring” would be coming next week! We lied – babies are gonna come before spring!!!

Marty & Teri

1:05 minutes  –  4 Star General [Pattern used in one of our Block of the Month Quilts]
3:16 minutes  –  Andrew’s Mill [Pattern used in one of our Block of the Month Quilts]
5:33 minutes  –  Woodlands Flannel Layer Cake
8:00 minutes  –  “Treat Yourself” Tidbit Sale Details and How To Quickly Create a Quilt with a Layer Cake
9:15 minutes  –  Hidden Valley Batik Layer Cake [one of our newest products!]
9:35 minutes  –  Pam Buda’s Layer Cakes: Farmer’s Daughter & Dry Goods
9:55 minutes  –  Creating a Larger Quilt Size /  Creating a Quilt In a Day
12:05 minutes  –  Store Updates

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