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Tips For Creating the Disappearing Hourglass and Pinwheel Blocks

How to Easily Create Custom Quilt Blocks

It’s time to wrap up our Ode to Disappearing Quilt Blocks this week. We’re focusing on the variations that you can do with Pinwheel and Hourglass blocks and BOY! there are a ton of options once you mix up the pieces. We actually had more fun with these blocks than with the 4-patch and 9-patch last week.

So, get your creative juices flowing, make some simple blocks, whack ’em up, and start rearranging the pieces. We have lots of quilts to show you and if you love any of them, we have kits that we’d be delighted to get shipped out to you!

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Happy Spring!
Marty & Teri


We’re Expanding On Last Week’s Tuesday Tidbit About Disappearing Blocks
Last week we spent time sharing how to create the disappearing 4-patch and disappearing 9-patch quilt blocks. This week, we’re focusing on the disappearing pinwheel and disappearing hourglass quilt blocks.

Thumbnail image - We’ve created 6 new quilts / 6 new quilt kits using precut fabrics and the disappearing pinwheel and disappearing hourglass quilt blocks

Easy Quilt Inspiration – It’s time to have some fun fresh stuff in our life again!
We think that maybe a new project that had bright colors or just made you smile would be the perfect remedy for the winter doldrums.  Caution: Inspiration ahead!
[0:30 minutes]

Precuts are not cut to the specific size you may need. What point do you use? The outside or inside? We have some helpful tips for you.
[1:44 minutes]

Sewing around the two right side fabrics and then cutting with our rotary cutter: Cut diagonally twice.
These are the 4 triangles that result from the pieces we just cut.
Helpful tip: Go from the corner of where your seam is to the opposite corner of your seam [the angle of your stitch line].
[4:01 minutes]

Tips for trimming: Trimming your pieces involve math – We have a free Disappearing Quilt Blocks Cheat Sheet for you to download and use so you don’t have to worry about your math skills!

Bias edges – “If you’re friendly to bias edges, they’ll be friendly to you”
[4:31 minutes]

All About the Disappearing Pinwheel Block
Step-by-step example including how to divide the block and create 3 equal parts
[5:50 minutes]

Begin Creating Custom Quilt Blocks
Flipping and turning your pieces to customize your disappearing pinwheel block;
[7:06 minutes]

The “Bramble Patch” Baby Quilt Kit”
Using the Bramble Patch Charm Pack, we created the “Bramble Patch” Baby Quilt Kit”  [it’s a rectangular block because we only cut it in one direction]
[7:21 minutes]

The “Prairie Dry Goods” Bed Quilt Kit
Cutting the block again [and using a bit more math!], we played around with the block placement and created the “Prairie Dry Goods Quilt Kit”   [Pam Buda]
[8:14 minutes]

The “Hidden Valley” Bed Quilt Kit
Repositioning our cut pieces again, we created the “Hidden Valley” Bed Quilt Kit with very little waste. We used a basic block and created such a different pattern!
[11:34 minutes]

The “Baskets” Bed Quilt Kit
Creating the “Baskets” Bed Quilt Kit using the pinwheel quilt block  [we chose to do it on point].
[14:00 minutes]

All About Disappearing Hourglass Block
How to trim, cut, and put your blocks together differently to create this block pattern [with a few helpful tips]. And, how to tell the difference between the pinwheel and hourglass blocks.
[17:34 minutes]

The “Sonoma Vista” Bed Quilt Kit
Using batik layer cake precuts, we created the “Sonoma Vista” Bed Quilt Kit [by moving our four corners to the outside and twisting the center!].
[18:40 minutes]

The “Farmer’s Daughter” Bed Quilt Kit
By flipping every piece except the center, you create an all-new star block pattern. We used Pam Buda’s layer cake to create the “Farmer’s Daughter” Bed Quilt Kit.
[20:21 minutes]

The points – this method allows you to easily create perfect points!
[21:48 minutes]

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[22:15 minutes]

A Disappearing Pinwheel and a Double Disappearing Nine Patch: Examples from one of our quilting friends!
[23:06 minutes]

The “Color Me Friends” Baby Quilt Kit
Introducing the “Color Me Friends” Baby Bed Quilt Kit using the disappearing hourglass block and a patterned background.
[25:10 minutes]

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