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The Marking Tools We Use When Quilting

BONUS TIDBIT TIP: How To Easily Create Multiple Stencils with Quilt Paper

This week we’re talking marking tools. I know that we all have our favorites, and we’re sure that we might not mention the one that is your favorite. We’ve always been of the attitude “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Sometimes we try a new product and then go right back to what we’ve always used. I think it’s a comfort thing!

It’s also that time of year when we have to go through and inventory what’s in the shop and we’ve decided that some of it needs to gooooo! You know what that means – you get a deal!!! For the next couple of weeks, we’re offering a selection of kits that will be marked 25% off for the week (so from Tuesday to Monday night). Don’t forget – once they are gone, they are gone!

See ya next week!
Marty & Teri

0:00 minutes – Intro: Marking Tools – We’re Sharing Our Favorites
0:55 minutes – Adjusting your tools for light vs dark fabrics
1:14 minutes – Clover’s Washable Marking Pens [Available in fine or regular]
1:45 minutes – Why we use Clover marking pens
1:55 minutes – Fine vs regular line comparison of marking pens
2:15 minutes – How to remove the marking lines [even the stubborn lines!]
3:20 minutes – Using a spray bottle to saturate the fabric and remove the lines
3:32 minutes – Using the purple markers [air vanishing] vs the blue markers
4:45 minutes – Our other favorites: The Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencils [Available in Black, Blue, and White + Refills]
5:00 minutes – How to refill / use the fabric pencil
5:20 minutes – How to remove a mistake
5:45 minutes – Use the same color of fabric to rub off the pencil lines
6:12 minutes – Why we like the Sewline pencils
6:36 minutes – Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencils: Great to use with stencils
6:50 minutes – Why we sell the pencils
7:50 minutes – Understanding why the lead won’t advance
8:15 minutes – The Chalk Liner
8:40 minutes – See how easy the Chalk Liner marks a line / line removal
8:50 minutes – Pros and cons of the Chalk Liner
9:50 minutes – The Hera Marker
10:15 minutes – When the Hera marker works best
10:52 minutes – Marking without using marking tools
11:09 minutes – Marking on fabrics that have lights and darks
11:44 minutes – Golden Threads Quilting Paper
12:00 minutes – How to use the quilting paper
13:10 minutes – How to stitch with the quilting paper
14:40 minutes – Using the paper as a stencil
15:53 minutes – Introducing our “Orphan Kit” Collection – Now on sale [save 25% off!]

Our “Orphan Kit” Collection
Golden Threads Quilting Paper
Hera Marker
Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencils [Available in Black, Blue, and White + Refills]
Clover’s Washable Marking Pens [Available in fine or regular]

Image link to our Orphan Kit Sale - Save 25% off our quilt kits this week

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