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Quick Tips and Tricks for Quilting With Flannel

BONUS TIDBIT DEMONSTRATION: How to maintain a flat seam when you can’t have a butted seam

We LOVE sewing with flannel – especially on a nice snowy, winter day! There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a flannel quilt on a winter day!

This week we have a couple of beautiful flannel quilts that, truly, are super easy to make. We’re starting off with a flannel jelly roll, adding a couple of accent fabrics and next thing you know, you’re singing – “Well, the weather outside is frightful…” (I know you’re singing along with us!)

We have kits available for both quilts and this week, we’re adding a few more Orphan Quilt Kits to the website. This is a lovely time to get some sewing done!

See you next week!
Marty & Teri

0:00 minutes – Intro: Happy Winter in Western NY!
0:30 minutes – We’re Introducing 2 new flannel quilt kits this week
0:48 minutes – We used flannel jelly rolls for the quilts
1:12 minutes – Pointers For Flannel Quilts
1:18 minutes – The “Fast Track” Kit and the “Basket Case” Kit
1:23 minutes – We used Maywood Jelly Rolls [Neutrals | Stormy Seas]
1:43 minutes – We share tips on cutting out your flannel pieces
1:46 minutes – The “Basket Case” Kit: We share why it’s very important where the colors go
1:55 minutes – TIP: How to quickly and easily create many 2.5-inch squares at once
2:15 minutes – Cutting strips and using a 15-inch ruler to cut multiple squares at one time
3:35 minutes – Using Jelly Rolls: Combining pairs of contrasting colors
4:09 minutes – TIP: How to cut every fabric pair the same size and compile 2 blocks of fabrics together
5:35 minutes – Jelly Rolls: Why the irregular edge of the fabric? Lint!
6:21 minutes – TIP: How do you know your quarter inch with a jelly roll?
6:47 minutes – TIP: How to line up your jelly roll fabrics
7:14 minutes – Sewing with Flannel
7:45 minutes – Understanding the difference in flannel fabrics
8:00 minutes – TIP: Using the walking foot when sewing with flannels
8:45 minutes – Butted seams vs twisted seams
9:40 minutes – TIP and DEMONSTRATION: How to maintain a flat seam when you can’t have a butted seam
11:12 minutes – Now available in our online store: the “Fast Track” and “Basket Case” Flannel Bed Quilt Kits [with free shipping!]
12:36 minutes – We’re putting more Orphan Quilt Kits on sale this week in our “Orphan Kit” Collection. Be sure to check them out before they’re gone. [save 25% off!]

“Basket Case” Flannel Quilt Kit
“Fast Track” Flannel Quilt Kit
Our “Orphan Kit” Collection

Learn more about Maywood Studios’ Jelly Rolls by visiting their website

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