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Quick & Easy Shortcuts When Quilting With Wool

Plus Tips For Creating a Pattern Layout [With Your Pieces]

We couldn’t decide quite where to land on this week’s topic, so we are going to give you more than one!

We started a new wool project and wanted to show you some shortcuts for laying your pieces on the backgrounds to make it “look like the pattern.” I try not to stress about things like that, but for some, it’s an issue, so let’s find the easiest way to get a good result.

Teri has also finished quilting the “Bee Humble” wall hanging and is over the moon thrilled with her quilting ideas so had to share her process with you.

Marty & Teri

0:00 minutes – Introduction to this week’s video tutorial of tips and tricks
0:35 minutes – We’re starting to think about Spring!
0:50 minutes – New pattern we did: Garden Angels
1:07 minutes – We changed the colors of the pattern
1:22 minutes – Explaining the layout and use of cotton fabrics with a wool applique in the center
1:30 minutes – Using the Ultra weft to stabilize it
1:51 minutes – A solution to laying out your pattern so you feel comfortable with it
2:12 minutes – DEMONSTRATION: How to layout your fabrics so it looks exactly like it’s supposed to
2:25 minutes – Lay out all the pieces you’ll be using [they have the fusible web already on the back]
2:45 minutes – Applique Pressing Sheets: We explain how to use them to layout your pieces using the pattern
3:40 minutes – The perfect way to create an applique so you don’t struggle with your pieces
4:37 minutes – TIP: Windowpane the back of a circle – take out the center of the fusible web and left only the outer ring. It leaves the fabric a little softer but allows you to anchor everything down
5:06 minutes – Using your iron and applique pressing sheet to adhere / fuse the fabric
5:40 minutes – TIP: Let the fabric / applique cool!
5:57 minutes – TIP: Using the tan pressing sheet – use a lightbox so you can see your pattern easier
6:25 minutes – How to carefully peel your fabric off of the pressing sheet
6:55 minutes – Arranging the applique on your background fabric
7:10 minutes – Comparing the pattern and your layout
7:37 minutes – Use a wagon wheel rather than buttonholing
8:08 minutes – We used the M43 Valdani thread to achieve the variation / shading you see
8:14 minutes – Stitching the flower appliques off-center with a French knot. Doing it off-centered makes it look like the flowers are titled a little.
8:38 minutes – Now available for sale in our online store: “The Garden Angel” Wool Kit
9:09 minutes – Sharing the “Bee Humble” Kit details
9:35 minutes – How we modified the center applique – you don’t have to follow a pattern 100%
10:00 minutes – How are we going to quilt the Bee Humble quilt?
10:10 minutes – We layered everything and did everything in the ditch
10:19 minutes – What to do when you think you won’t be able to quilt through the fabric, batting, and backing.
10:20 minutes – We appliqued everything down and then went back with monofilament thread to do ‘in the ditch’ quilting of the appliques.
10:46 minutes – What to do when the pattern doesn’t tell you what to do with the background:
10:50 minutes – To keep it even and symmetrical, measure between your appliques to determine the middle and stitch. We used a lattice design today.
11:46 minutes – What to do with an outside border of your quilt.
11:55 minutes – Using a design element [hexagons] from your pattern for your stitching.
12:35 minutes – We used the Sewline White Pencil and a hexagon template from our English Paper Piecing and traced around them to create the background stitch pattern.
13:35 minutes – It’s so hard to be perfect! What to do when things don’t line up perfectly.
14:11 minutes – Using the Round Circle Template to create half circles to fill in areas
15:00 minutes – Using the monofilament thread to echo the embroidery stitching
15:15 minutes – The outside border design.
15:38 minutes – Monofilament thread tip: Use the smoke-colored thread so it doesn’t show too much / blends in on the darker fabrics.
16:10 minutes – What to do to further customize accent pieces in your quilt pattern
16:35 minutes – Using contrasting colors to further accentuate your design
16:45 minutes – These kits are available now!
17:00 minutes – New Orphan Kits on sale and found on the website
17:05 minutes – Kit on Sale: “Happy Home” Wool Kit [frame not included but available for purchase]
17:17 minutes – Kit on Sale: “16th Avenue Phlox” Wool Kit
17:37 minutes – Tip for the “16th Avenue Phlox” Kit: To ensure the flower blossoms don’t fall off, we used soft fusible web to create the pieces and then stitched them with French knots.
18:27 minutes – Review of what we talked about this week

Bee Humble” Wall Hanging Kit  – Updated Design!
Garden Angel” Wool Kit  – NEW! 
Ultra Weft Fusible Stabilizer 
M43 Valdani Perle Cotton Thread: Vibrant Red    
Sewline Fabric Mechanical Pencil [white]
Monofilament Threads: Invisible | Smoke  

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