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More About Pillows: Adding Finishing Touches

Last week we talked about pillowcases and touched a little on envelope backings on pillows.  We had a request for a tutorial on how to do the ruffling on pillows and rather than wait (’cause goodness knows we’d forget!), we thought we’d jump right in and get it out to you.  So here you go…

3:16 minutes: How to stitch a double ruffle
8:56 minutes: Marking corners
9:30 minutes: Where to put your seams
10:57 minutes: Creating the ruffle effect
11:18 minutes: Pinning ruffles and corners
12:00 minutes: Mitre the corner
13:00 minutes: How to do a flange pillow
13:24 minutes: Quilting in the ditch to create the flange border
14:05 minutes: More about corners
14:58 minutes: Introducing 2 new wool kit projects
15:07 minutes: New Product: “Gnome Snow Globe Ornament” Wool Kit
15:14 minutes: New Product: “Snowy Silent Night” Wool Kit


1. “Gnome Snow Globe Ornament” Wool Kit  
2. “Snowy Silent Night” Wool Kit
3. Ring Clip Hanger
4. Tree Ornament Hanger

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