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Perfect Piecing Is a Pressing Matter

We decided to go back to a basic concept this week- pressing! Being the opinionated girls that we are, we’re gonna give you our 2 cents on everything from irons to how to press. If you are new-ish to quilting, this is one of those skills that if you work on pressing well, it will become a habit and your end products will be that much better. Even if you’ve been around the horn a few times, pressing is always a good thing to review and improve.

See ya next week!
Marty & Teri

1.  Selecting the best iron
2.  Using steam when pressing fabrics
3.  How to remove wrinkles from fabric
4.  Using Best Press Spray Starch
5.  Ironing board cover tips
6.  Working with twisted seams
7.  Setting your seam
8.  Creating a strata
9.  Pressing four half-square triangles
10.  Making the back of your quilt neat and tidy
11.  Butted seams
12.  Pressing two rows together
13.  Seam allowances
14.  Bonus Content: Tips for safely replacing your rotary cutter blade

Best Press Liquid Starch:
1. Scent Free: Gallon | Quart
2. Lavender Fields: Gallon | Quart
3. Linen Fresh: Gallon | Quart

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