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It’s Runner-Palooza, Part II – We’re Sharing Our Latest Kits

All right folks, let’s finish up Runner Palooza with 11 more stunning designs for you to peek at. We hope that we’ve given you a little bit of inspiration and ideas for some possible gift-giving. We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and take stock of the good things in your life. Teri & Marty LINKS TO PRODUCTS | RESOURCES MENTIONED:“Winter Blues” Runner Kit “Pointsettia Stars” Runner Kit“Check It Out” Runner / Topper Kit“Oh My Stars” Runner Kit“Mr. Frosty” Runner Kit“Evergreen” Runner Kit“Radiant Star” Runner / Topper Kit“Lattice Work” Runner Kit“Birds and Pointsettias” Lap Quilt Kit“A Perfect

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How To Guide: Using the Kitty Corner Ruler

Who doesn’t love a beautiful table runner as a gift??? This week, we’re starting a 2 week “Runner Palooza” with some really fun new runner designs. We’ll kick off this week with 3 stunners using Deb Heatherly’s latest ruler – Kitty Corner Ruler. We’ll show you how easy it is to get those super fine points that make up some really amazing table decor. As a bonus, we’ll show you a new flannel throw kit that came in this week. Get ready for some serious snuggling!! LINKS TO PRODUCTS | RESOURCES MENTIONED:1. Kitty Corner Ruler 2. “Evergreen” Runner Kit3. “Christmas

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Adding a ruffle edging to your pillow creation

More About Pillows: Adding Finishing Touches

Last week we talked about pillowcases and touched a little on envelope backings on pillows.  We had a request for a tutorial on how to do the ruffling on pillows and rather than wait (’cause goodness knows we’d forget!), we thought we’d jump right in and get it out to you.  So here you go… VIDEO CONTENT: 3:16 minutes: How to stitch a double ruffle 8:56 minutes: Marking corners 9:30 minutes: Where to put your seams 10:57 minutes: Creating the ruffle effect 11:18 minutes: Pinning ruffles and corners 12:00 minutes: Mitre the corner 13:00 minutes: How to do a flange

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How To Sew a Pillowcase Video Image

All About Pillowcases! An Easy How To Guide

Hey! It’s Tidbit Tuesday again and we’re back with a familiar topic – pillowcases! We know that a lot of you have been making these for ages, but we got a request, so here we go… Pillowcases are one of the easiest projects for a quilter – young or old – and this time of year, it’s always good to have a stash of them for gifts. Teach a youngster how to make them and not only will you be the best person in their life, but they will be so proud to have a homemade gift to give at

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Oh, The Memories … We Love Halloween!

Instead of doing our normal this week, we decided to do the Abby Normal (if you’ve ever seen Young Frankenstein, you’ll get that!!!). We’re sharing some fun Halloween memories with you, showing embarrassing pictures of our nephews (ssshhhh – don’t tell them), and want to see some of yours. We thought that it would be fun if you want to submit a picture of a costume you’ve made for yourself or for family or friends and we’ll share them on our website. There are instructions on how to submit them if you are unsure how to proceed. We’ll have them

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Framing Your Masterpiece – A How-To Guide

It seems like, this time of year, when we start thinking about slowing life down a bit and items that we want to get made for Christmas, there is always the project that would look so good in a frame! Having framing done is soooo costly, so we’re going to show you a quick and easy way to get the job done yourself. With some simple tools, you can do framing! Mind you, this isn’t for heirloom projects, but the end result is pretty darn good! Teri and Marty LINKS TO PRODUCTS | RESOURCES MENTIONED:1. Barnwood / Barnboard Frames –

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How To: Creating With Wool

There are many techniques to choose from when doing wool applique.  What you are about to see is the way we like to do it.  Try different techniques and discover the one that works best for you.  Just remember when choosing a pattern, if you aren’t going to do it their way you might have to make some adjustments.  No matter how you do it – just have fun! Teri and Marty Need to pick out a bunch of wool? Give us a call [585-335-2050] or email us to arrange a time to personally pick out your wools. LINKS TO

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We’re All In For Autumn!

We’ve got lots to share with you today. We’re kicking off our “All In For Autumn” themed projects. Now that the days are getting a little crisper, it seems that we tend to turn back to our sewing machines. Time to grab a new project – either quilted or wool and enjoy a little “me” time. Today is part 1 and we’ll continue with the theme next week. Until then… Teri and Marty LINKS TO PRODUCTS | RESOURCES MENTIONED:1. Visit our 3 Yard Quilt Kits.2. “Creekside” Kit3. “Tranquil Woods” Kit – Details Coming Soon!4. “Sailboats” Kit – Details Coming Soon!5.

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Using Precuts to Create Jelly Roll Rugs, Placemats, and More!

Since this is the last week of our Precut Sale, we wanted to show you a few more projects that might interest you. If you’ve done the jelly roll rugs before, here’s a new twist on the same technique! Teri and Marty PS – you know that we are always forgetting things… just a reminder that you have until the end of the month to register for either (or both) of the Santa Workshops.  We’ve had a great response, but there’s always room at the workbench for one more elf!!!  There are some great gift ideas and this may spur

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Material Rewards, Quilting Tips and How To Video Guide, Tutorial

Start to Finish: Creating a Lap Quilt with Pre-Cuts

You’ve all heard of Quilt in a Day? Well, that’s what we are going to show you today. Our hopes are that you might pick up one tidbit that you didn’t know about as we progress through the various steps of the quilt. We started with a precut (remember that this is Precut Month and all of the precuts on the website are 10% off until the end of the month). We used Spooky Hollow from Riley Blake along with a pattern from Debbie Heatherly called Starry Nights [56 x 70 inches]. The pattern is pretty simple and no extra

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you had a flash of brilliance and kicked yourself for not thinking of it earlier??? Well, that’s what just happened to us. For some reason – we think it’s the cooler weather, our brains have stopped swelling and we can think rationally – we realized that Christmas is a mere 4 months away!! Nope, not letting panic set in…but let’s be proactive and get started on a few small projects to tuck away. We found some really cute, quick projects that you can pile up on the guest bed and be

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Creating a Quilt With Custom Colors

We have had a couple of requests of topics for Tidbit Tuesdays, and this week, we’re gonna kind of address one of those – picking colors for a quilt. Unfortunately, we’re of the school that if you like the fabrics you’re working with, you’re going to love the end result. Not saying that there isn’t that project that ends up blowing up in your face (that’s the perfect “give away” quilt), but not the norm. We’ll talk more about this in upcoming episodes, but here’s a start. Teri & Marty

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Fabric Applique Quick Tips

We’re Celebrating Precuts All Month!

Happy Jelly Roll Month!!! September is “Jelly Roll Precut Month” and you know us – excess is best, so we’re making it apply to Layer Cakes and Charms too. Each week this month, we’ll share a project that we’ve worked on using precuts, and be sure to check out all the precuts on our website – all 10% off for the month of September. We also have some free downloads available for you along with some books and patterns (also 10% off) that have some really fun projects in them. PS – Teri forgot to mention the precut layer cake

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Quilting With Wool

We’re back this week to share our new “A Time for Gathering” Block of the Month with you – and how easy it is to get started on this project and how stunning it is. Never tried wool before? This will help guide you through the process so you don’t get lost in the weeds!! Teri and Marty Links To The Products Mentioned Or Used In This Video:1. “A Time For Gathering” Block of the Month Kit2. Perle Cotton Threads3. Clover Gold Eye Chenille #24 Needles4. ArtBin Storage Container5. Pumpkin Night Kit6. Shapeflex Lightweight Fusible Stabilizer [Teri’s preferred stabilizer]7. Ultra

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Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

https://materialrewards.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Material-Rewards-Tuesday-Tidbit-August-24.mp4#t=1 Also news – the website is up and running. Still, some tweaking to be done, but lots to look at. Be patient, we’re adding stuff as quickly as we can. Marty & Teri

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Quilting Sewing How To Guide, Instructional Video, Quilt Binding

How To Easily Add Binding To Your Quilt Project

Sometimes, the simplest things stress us out the most. Quilting is supposed to be a very stress-free hobby (we’re laughing hysterically on the inside), but we’ve all experienced a certain process in making a quilt that requires a good massage to get the knots out of our neck!! We thought we would tackle a few of these processes that we’ve heard stress you out and see if we can unknot a few of those muscles. Bindings, after you’ve done a few, can become a fun process. It’s the finish to a beautiful quilt, so let’s do a good job on bindings.

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How To Piece Circles Into Squares

This week we thought we would share a technique with you that looks very complicated but can be achieved easily – with a little extra care.  Piecing circles into a square looks like a Rice Krispie job, but when you break it down into steps and take your time, you can gain perfection without breaking a sweat.  We’re doing enough sweating due to the weather, we don’t need to be drippy due to our quilting!

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Cake Mix Recipe #1 [#CM1] includes 45 recipe cards that yield four 4″ finished half square triangles and one 8″ finished half square triangle. Two

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Cupcake Mix Recipe #3

Cupcake Mix Recipe #3 includes 44 recipe cards that yield four 1.25″ finished half square triangles and four 1.25″ finished four patches. One assembled Recipe

Cupcake Mix Recipe #4

Cupcake Mix Recipe #4 [#CC4] includes 44 recipe cards that yield four 1.5″ finished half square triangles and four 1.5″ finished squares. Two assembled Recipe

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