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Friday, January 10, 2020

Hey! Happy New Year!

We’ve had our little vaca (yup, did a little stitching and cutting while away also – as you will see later…) and we’re ready to have a blast in 2020. Plans for new BOM programs, Summer Dibs N Dabs ideas and lots more have been running through our noggins! So, let’s start off the new year with a bang!

There’s nothing more boring and tedious as inventory. Most of you might know that 2 folds on a bolt = 1 yd. Do you know how many folds are on over 8000 bolts??? So, we’d like to move out some bolts so we don’t have to count them (see, we are sly!!!) Starting Tuesday, Jan 14…

We Don’t Want to Count Those Darn Bolts Sale!

Starts January 14 – Ends January 25
Selected bolts $6.00/yd – 1 yd minimum cuts

We need to re-home some fabric for 2 reasons – we need room for all the new stuff coming in and ‘cause we want to!!!

We’ll be piling the tables in the back room full with random bolts. As the pile decreases, we’ll add more, so new stuff every day! This is a great time to stock up on backing fabric for those New Year’s Resolution projects.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the BOM programs that we’ll be introducing shortly We don’t have all the i’s dotted yet, but will let you know when we do…

Botanica Park (107 x 107) – Wing and Prayer is known for its batik quilts/projects. They look way more complicated than they are. This will be a 12-month program.

Esther’s Bloomers Stitch-A-Long with Kim Diehl (70 x 70) – This time around, Kim is doing a large quilt along with her usual Whatnots small quilts. We’ll be doing the large one as a BOM program and the smaller ones as individuals that you can just pick and choose. Another stellar group from a talented designer! The Esther’s Bloomers will be a 6 part series.

A Year of Wool Ornaments – These wool ornaments will get you a start on next year’s gift-giving. We’re going to have options for making more than 1 of the same each month, as these make up in a wink!

There are a few more coming, but that will give you a quick “taste”.

Quick Reminder…..

Make sure to mark your calendar for our upcoming

Super Bowl Weekend Sale!

Saturday and Sunday, February 1 & 2

25% off Store-Wide!

More to come about this later…