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Introducing Kim Diehl’s ‘Simple Whatnots 11′ With Some Helpful Tips

If you aren’t familiar with Kim Diehl’s work, look her up online – you’ll be in for a treat. She is the Scrap Queen and one of the times she was at the shop teaching for us, said that she likes her quilts to look like she took them out of her Grandma’s scrap basket.

Today, we’re showing you her “Simple Whatnots II” projects using her ‘Right as Rain’ fabrics. Usually, you need to sign up for a program with these projects, but we’re going to do them as a pick-and-choose option. So, sit back and we’ll take you through a simple tour of Teri’s house and show you just how adorable these little projects are and how much they can add to your decor.

Teri & Marty

1. Easily Creating a Large Group of Quilt Squares / Rectangles
2. Cutting Fabric / Canting Your Scissors
3. Snowballing Tips
4. Using Stencils
5. Using Scraps for Backing

Smarty Pants” Wall Quilt Kit
“Keeping Room” Wall Quilt Kit
“Hog Tied” Wall Quilt Kit
“Close Quarters” Wall Quilt Kit
“County Fair” Runner Quilt Kit
“Crossroads” Wall Quilt Kit
“Twist and Turn” Wall Quilt Kit
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