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It’s Stocking-Palooza Week!

I know we don’t want to talk Christmas this early, but if you don’t want to be making gifts right up to that magical day, then we gotta get to it!

This week, we’re talkin’ Stockings – all sizes and uses. They are just a fun, easy project, from embroidered to wool, to patchwork. Even if you’re a mantel-less house, like me, there are plenty of decorating opportunities with stockings. Add some nice greenery and some ribbon and you have your very own Martha Stewart moment! As usual, we have kits for the 3 sets of stockings… details are below.

Happy a great week!
Marty & Teri


0:32 minutes  –  Stocking Kits are now available!
0:41 minutes  –  “Little Stockings” Kit with pattern by Bareroots
1:01 minutes  –  About Transfer-Eze
1:32 minutes  –  Little Stockings Kit pattern – using transfer-eze paper
2:31 minutes  –  Copying your patterns
2:55 minutes  –  How to create Christmas stockings using the “Little Stockings” Kit
4:31 minutes  –  Finishing the stocking
5:00 minutes  –  Ways to display / use the little stockings during the holidays + gift ideas
5:30 minutes  –  Stocking Kits overview
5:55 minutes  –  “Merry Stockings 2” Kit
6:53 minutes  –  How to create a template of the stocking to ensure all are facing the same direction
8:21 minutes  –  Sewing the stocking and adding putting it all together
9:05 minutes  –  Tip: Seam Allowance 
9:17 minutes  –  Tip: Our technique to use if you are binding the top
9:37 minutes  –  Making the Stocking handle / hanger
10:06 minutes – “Merry Stockings 2” Kit Overview
11:05 minutes – “Wool Stockings” Kit Overview
11:55 minutes – Using the transfer-eze for the wording
12:33 minutes – Display / gift ideas for the Wool Stocking Kit
13:01 minutes – How to finish the edging on the Wool Stocking Kit


The “Merry Stockings 2” Kit
The “Wool Stockings” Kit
The “Little Stockings” Kit
Transfer-Eze Paper
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