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How To Use Triangle Paper

This week, we’re re-introducing the Cake Mix Recipe Cards from Miss Rosie’s Carrie Nelson. These wonderful little papers, designed to be used with Layer Cakes (10″ square precuts), make quilting so precise with so little effort. If you can stitch on a dotted line and cut on a solid line, you are good as gold!!! Then, the inner designer in you can come out and play a little and make all sorts of fun projects with the units.

We also played a little with the Cupcake Recipe Cards that work with Charm Squares (5″ precuts). I always have a blast moving the pieces around to see how many different patterns I can come up with. Add a consistent background and you have a beautiful quilt when you are done – and it’s pretty darn perfect.

So, we hope you enjoy this week’s tidbits. See ya next week.
Marty & Teri

BONUS TIDBIT: How To Create Your Own Flannel Wall!
Stay tuned to the end when we share how we created our flannel wall. It’s perfect to use when planning the layout of your quilt.

1. How To Use Triangle Paper To Easily Create Half-Square Triangles
2. Shortening Your Stitch
3. How To Cut Out Your Half-Square Triangles
4. Removing the Dog Ears
5. How To Remove Triangle Paper
6. How To Create Your Own Fabric Wall
7. Understanding the Math of Seam Allowances
8. Quilting Math Tips
9. How To Create a Flannel Wall [permanent or portable!]

1. Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company Recipe Cards:
Cake Mix Recipe Cards #1 | Cake Mix Recipe Cards #2 | Cake Mix Recipe Cards #3 | Cake Mix Recipe Cards #4
Cupcake Mix Recipe Cards #1 | Cupcake Recipe Mix Cards #2 | Cupcake Mix Recipe Cards #3 | Cupcake Mix Recipe Cards #4
2. Rotary Cutting Tools
3. Omnigrid Ruler
4. View Our Layer Cakes & Charm Squares

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