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How To Make a Set of Placemats

This week, we’re pulling out a VERY old pattern. We have, seriously, had this for many years, but seem to go back to it frequently as it is such a classic and so so easy. We’re going to do a walk-through of the French Country Placemats (which is a free download for you) and show you that there is nothing up our sleeve – just a quick, easy and beautiful project. It is especially useful this time of year as you might enjoy making fall or Christmas mats for yourself or as a gift.

You also know how our brains work – very wonkily- so we adapted the same technique of construction for a Christmas ornament that we’ve been working on. Good to use the ol grey matter!!!

We are making a pack for the ornaments [“Santa Redwork Ornaments” Kit] as we discuss in the video which will include the pattern, background fabric, and stabilizer – we figure you have odds and ends of fabrics for backings and borders, and threads. Kits are $20, so if you would like one – just pop it in your cart!

Teri & Marty

Using border stripes to make placemats
Marking your stitch line
Cutting your border strip
Mitering your corners
BONUS TIDBIT: Creating Custom Christmas Ornaments!

French Country Placemat Downloadable Instructions [Free!]
“Santa Redwork Ornaments” Kit
Shapeflex Lightweight Fusible Stabilizer

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