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Creating a Quilt Using Custom Rulers

This week, we wanted to show you some designs from Jaybird Quilts. What we like about this designer is that she uses unusual shapes, makes the process of construction pretty easy and the end result is wonderful. Her designs tend to “look” a bit more contemporary, but if that’s not your bag, then they also work up great in more traditional colors.

As an enticement to have you try Julie’s designs, we’ll give you 20% off on 3 of her rulers: the Sidekick, Super Sidekick, and Hex N More. So pick a pattern (we’re showing you both sides so you can see the requirements) and if you want help with a kit, let us know. We’ll be happy to work with you. And be sure to check out our kit for Cinnamon Bun – the quilt in the video!!

Teri & Marty

1. Cutting Triangles, Diamonds, Half Triangles, and Pie Shapes
2. Quilting In Rows
3. Using a Ruler / Template To Cut Pieces
4. Using Pre-Cuts to Create a Quilt
5. Seam Allowances
6. Using a Triangle Ruler
7. How To Use the Sidekick Ruler, Super Sidekick Ruler, and Hex N More Ruler
8. Creating a Graduation, Wedding, or Anniversary Gift / Gift Ideas
9. Creating a Custom Quilt Kit With Your Favorite Pattern

1. “Cinnamon Bun” Bed Quilt Kit
2. New Jaybird Quilts Patterns: August Skies | Cookie Cutter | Day Break | Lotus | Night Sky | Tiny Dancer
3. New Rulers / Templates: Sidekick Ruler | Super Sidekick Ruler | Hex N More Ruler
4. View Our Pre-Cut Collection

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