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We’re Preparing For the Winter Holidays This Week With Chenille Scarves!

It’s starting to get a little nip in the air, so there’s no better way to keep Jack Frost at bay than a cozy chenille scarf! We’re walking you through the process of how to make one and have a couple of deals to entice you to start your own.

We are also adding some of our favorite homespun fabrics (they make the BEST scarves, in our opinion!) so you can select some to make Christmas presents. Start now… it’s coming sooner than you think.
Happy Week!

Marty & Teri


0:22 minutes – How To Make Chenille [it’s a good kid’s project too!]
1:20 minutes – Why We Like the Homespun Fabrics
1:53 minutes – What To Remember When You’re Doing Chenille
2:20 minutes – The Faux Chenille Scarf Pattern
2:42 minutes – Creating Your Biased Strips
3:00 minutes – How To Lengthen Your Scarf
3:17 minutes – Choosing Your Colors
3:45 minutes – Configuring the Layers of Your Scarf
4:25 minutes – Adding Length To Your Bias Strips
5:57 minutes – To Prewash Your Fabric or Not
6:13 minutes – How To Layer Your Fabric Strips
8:11 minutes – About Seam Allowances
9:08 minutes – Pinning Your Layers
9:55 minutes – Marking a Stitching Line
10:25 minutes – Special Combo Deal:
10:45 minutes – Selecting Your Fabric [prints, patterns, contrast, etc]
11:25 minutes – Our Homespun Fabric Options
12:10 minutes – Stitch Length | Walking Foot
12:42 minutes – PRODUCT RESOURCE: How To Use the Kwick Klip
14:01 minutes – Threads To Use When Creating Chenille
14:49 minutes – Using the Rotary Cutter and Pinking Blade To Trim the Layers
15:45 minutes – PRODUCT REVIEW | HOW TO USE: Using the Olfa Chenille Cutter
16:32 minutes – Using Scissors To Cut Your Two Layers [and Which Layers To Cut]
17:55 minutes – How To Open the Chenille Cutter | How To Clean the Chenille Cutter
18:38 minutes – Using a 45mm Rotary Cutter
19:08 minutes – Understanding the sizes of the Chenille Cutter Feet
19:57 minutes – The Chenille Cutter: How To Change the Cutting Size
21:05 minutes – Cutting Your Layers Using the Chenille Cutter
22:40 minutes – What To Do When Your Chenille Cutter Doesn’t Slide As Well
23:25 minutes – Washing & Drying Your Fabric After Trimming
24:13 minutes – Trimming the “Handle”
24:25 minutes – Creating the Fringe Look on a Scarf
24:55 minutes – Sharing a Chenille Throw We Created and How We Did It
26:42 minutes – How They Wash & Wear Beautifully
26:55 minutes – How Many Yards It Takes To Create
27:40 minutes – Thought To Ponder: How Do You Thread A Needle In Outer Space?

Faux Chenille Scarf Pattern & Olfa Chenille Cutter Combo Pack
Faux Chenille Scarf Pattern
Olfa Chenille Cutter
Olfa Chenille Cutter Replacement Blade
Scalloped Rotary Cutter Blade
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