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Beat the Winter Blues With Our Easy Quilt Inspiration

Plus Free Pattern Downloads & Fabric Bundle Sale!

This week, because we aren’t quite ready to unveil what we’ve been working on for a while, we decided to hunt down lots of bright & cheery fabrics to just get us all over that hump of the winter doldrums. We’ve come up with some great options as fabric “Stash Booster Bundles” for you and are giving you a great price for them [as low as $6.67/per yard!]. Last, but not least, we’re also offering some really cool free pattern downloads if you need an idea of what to do with your new fabrics!

We hope that you all smile along with us and have a blast starting a new project.
Teri & Marty


We have a surprise for you!
We’re still working on the big project we hoped to unveil this week. But, that’s going to work to your benefit this time. 

Easy Quilt Inspiration – It’s time to have some fun fresh stuff in our life again!
We think that maybe a new project that had bright colors or just made you smile would be the perfect remedy for the winter doldrums.  Caution: Inspiration ahead!
[0:30 minutes]

Image of our new Fabric Bundles, now on sale

New colors, new fabrics, and new projects – the perfect winter blues remedy
We’ve picked out 7 different fabric combinations that we will be putting on sale this week: We’re calling them Fabric “Stash Boosters!” We’re going to add a little bit to your stash and maybe you can add a little bit to this and come up with an absolutely fabulous project when you’re done. 
[0:37 minutes]

Quote, We went a little overboard but that's how we roll

We’ve picked out different themed groupings of six fabrics each that we’ve put together for you. We then created a collection of FREE DOWNLOADABLE QUILT PATTERNS that you’re welcome to use for a new project.

Fabric Bundle:  “Best Friend” Fabrics
As you can see this one’s all doggies so we have some really fun fabrics we’ve included. We tried to add a fabric that would act as a background and then another fabric that would work as a contrast or a solid.
1:52 minutes]

Fabric Bundle:  “Stand And Salute”
This fabric grouping features Americana / patriotic-themed prints. And you just have to have a diagonal print, don’t you?! This beautiful collection of patriotism would be perfect for Memorial Day or July 4th / Independence Day.
[2:21 minutes]

Fabric Bundle featuring cats and kittens, Paws My Heart, family children, baby quilt, gift idea

Fabric Bundle:  “Paws on My Heart”
We had to include a fabric bundle for cat lovers, too!  So, we’ve got some cute little kitty prints with a nice little background that has cat faces on them too.
PLEASE NOTE: We sold out of our original bundle of fabrics and have a new set now available.
[2:53 minutes]

Fabric Bundle:  “E-I-E-I-O”
Are you singing that song now?!  We are!  “Old McDonald had a farm…” We just had to include pink piggies with our farm-themed fabrics. One of the fabrics is great – it includes a nice, big farm print. That, along with the tractors, cows, and chickens, we think this would make an adorable children’s quilt!
[3:13 minutes]

Fabric Bundle Sale featuring Easter themed fabrics, chicks, eggs, Easter eggs, Easter patterns, bunnies, Peter Cottontail, Easter Gift Ideas, Easter Gifts to make, Children's quilt, baby quilt

Fabric Bundle:  “Peter Cottontail”
Of course, with Easter coming up here in a bit, we had to include a fabric bundle theme with bunnies, chicks, Easter Eggs, and those diagonal striped prints we love to use. 
[3:47 minutes]


Fabric Bundle:  “Bright and Sassy”
We love the bright and cheery feelings you get from this cotton fabric bundle! We just wanted something that was fun on the inside and the outside and these really fun colors go together so well. 
[4:07 minutes]
PLEASE NOTE: We have sold out of this fabric bundle.

Fabric Bundle Sale featuring Spring colors, flowers, Spring Splash

Fabric Bundle: “Spring Splash”
This fabric bundle offers the same happy feelings as the “Bright and Sassy” bundle with a little more subdued color palette.  These fabrics scream Spring with peach/coral tones. We included a little bit of a dark accent so you have some contrast.
[4:32 minutes]
PLEASE NOTE: We sold out of our original bundle of fabrics and have a new set now available.

Fabric Bundle Sale featuring St. Patrick's Day prints, shamrocks, beer, leprachauns

Fabric Bundle:  “Luck of the Irish”
And then, of course, coming right up we have St Patrick’s Day so we created this fabric bundle full of St. Patty’s Day designs, including a nice background and contrasting print.
[5:01 minutes]
PLEASE NOTE: We have sold out of this fabric bundle.

More Quilting Ideas With the Fabric “Stash Booster” Bundles
You could easily mix and match the fabrics within one bundle and create pillowcases!  Using the 1-yard cut bundles, you can take 3/4 yard + ¼ yard to create one pillowcase. You could create 6 pillowcases with 1 Fabric Stash Booster bundle!  You could also use a 3-yard quilt pattern and create two quilts!
[5:17 minutes]

Details About the Fabric “Stash Booster” Bundles Sale
We’re giving you a great deal with our Fabric sale. You can select:
– 1-yard cuts [6 yards total] – $40
– 1/2-yard cuts [3 yards total] – $25

An image of 5 different quilt patterns available for free download

FREE Pattern Downloads Available
We have included patterns for a table runner, lap, bed, and children’s / baby quilt patterns that are quick and easy to sew.
[6:35 minutes] 

Image of "Neighborhood" Quilt Pattern - Free download

Free “Neighborhood” Quilt Pattern  [pdf download]
Check out how the same quilt looks with two different palettes. Could be done as an Irish Quilt!
[6:39 minutes]

Image of “Button Box” Quilt Pattern - Free download Material Rewards Quilt Store, Dansville NY

Free “Button Box” Table Runner Pattern [pdf download]
[7:38 minutes]

Image of Garden Plots Quilt Pattern - Free download Material Rewards Quilt Store, Dansville NY

Free “Garden Plots” Quilt Pattern [pdf download]
[7:52 minutes]

Free “Sparkle” Quilt Pattern  [pdf download]
[8:14 minutes]

Free “Quadrangle” Quilt Pattern [pdf download]
[8:31 minutes]

We Wanted To Give You A Little Inspiration This Week
We know how hard it is to feel stuck inside in the middle of winter. We hope these free patterns and the fabric bundle sale give you something to do in the meantime. We will be unveiling what Teri and I have been working on these past three weeks. We can’t wait to show you!  Make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing to our emails and receiving more of this goodness in your inbox next Tuesday!
[8:51 minutes]

You can easily view all the products featured this week by clicking here.

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