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Flying Geese + Plain Squares + a Fabulous Borderstripe = A New Quilt Project

This week’s video is a little rough as Teri and I are a little under the weather. We hope you’ll laugh along with our fuzzy brains.

BUT…we do have a very beautiful, new quilt to share with you – “Hideaway.” This quilt reminds me of sea glass, plus a little navy added for some contrast. Super simple star blocks and plain squares are the only challenges to this quilt, so easily do-able even for a beginner. A fabulous border stripe finishes this quilt and if you’re really not up for mitered corners ( we’ll give you a refresher) just add a plain square!

Teri & Marty
Material Rewards Quilt Store – Dansville, New York

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0:00 minutes – Introduction to this week’s Tuesday Tidbit quilting blog
0:39 minutes – New Bed Quilt Kit Premiere: The “Hideaway” Quilt Kit
0:46 minutes – We used fabrics from Jason Yenter’s Haven line from In the Beginning Fabrics
1:06 minutes – We created the quilt using the “Hideaway” pattern from Thimbleblossoms
1:12 minutes – The gorgeous border stripe featuring royal blues, purples, and greens
2:01 minutes – We sized up the blocks – there are 16 blocks in this quilt
2:23 minutes – There are two components: Flying geese units and the border
2:57 minutes – How we use the Ultimate Flying Geese Tool to easily create 4 at one time
3:40 minutes – Use the handy chart on the ruler for sizing
3:50 minutes – Figuring out the sizes you need
4:10 minutes – Drawing lines to figure out your ¼-inch stitch line and easily stitch it
4:50 minutes – Cutting up the middle and finger pressing
5:10 minutes – Adding the third piece of fabric and repeating the steps
5:30 minutes – The last thing you do is the trim
5:39 minutes – TIP: How to trim your pieces using the Flying Geese Ruler
6:25 minutes – Repeating these steps four times gives you the Flying Geese quilt block
7:05 minutes – TIP: Quick and Easy Miters – How to miter your corners
7:40 minutes – Iron your fabric [View our Tidbit about updating your ironing board here.]
8:00 minutes – Back seam allowance positioning
8:30 minutes – Lining up your fabrics
8:40 minutes – Pressing your fabric to help everything stick together
8:52 minutes – Using a big ironing board [see our tutorial on making your own here!]
9:05 minutes – Feel your seams to ensure everything is lining up
9:22 minutes – Start your sewing ¼ inch from the edge and backstitch to lock it in
9:35 minutes – Using your ruler, find the 45’ angle line and position it on the stitching line of your border
9:56 minutes – Drawing your line
10:10 minutes – TIP: Remember when using a border stripe to get extra fabric
10:25 minutes – Figuring out the math for how much fabric you will need. How’d we do with our addition?!
10:55 minutes – Using your ruler to help you pin your fabric
11:10 minutes – We like using the Flat Flower Pins when pinning our border stripe
11:40 minutes – Stitching your line and where to end the line
12:00 minutes – Before you trim it off, we recommend you iron it down and make sure everything looks good
12:20 minutes – With printed border stripe fabric, don’t try to match the corners … you don’t need to!
12:35 minutes – To match your border stripe corners, you need symmetrical fabric patterns and start in the middle
13:32 minutes – “The non-perfection gets lost in the weeds” – Marty


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