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We could give you our backstory of growing up sewing (and truthfully, not so much in love with the sewing machine back then) all our lives. Then in 1986, Teri, with the help of our fabulous parents, bought a fabric shop in Dansville, NY that had goods for dressmaking – all the rage those days! Marty was trying to make a go at a teaching career – somewhat unsuccessfully. When Teri decided to convert the dressmaking inventory to a quilting inventory, Marty decided to give up teaching and partner with her sis to make Material Rewards a destination quilt shop (pssst- Marty did tell Teri she was nuts for making the change).

Material Rewards quickly outgrew its Main St. location and in 1993, moved to the Sandy Hill location and, for 23 years, has been a premier shopping destination. In its 36 years, Material Rewards has hosted national and international teachers, sponsored twice yearly quilting retreats and generally had a lot of fun teaching and helping quilters become successful. But now it’s time for a change.

At the ripe old ages of 66 and 58 (we’ll let you guess who is who), we are heading out on to the internet to continue our business. We plan to continue our standard of offering top notch kits and notions and also educating quilters so they can enjoy, to the fullest, one of the best hobbies ever.

We are a family-owned small business: sisters working together & sharing our passion of quilting for over 30 years!​

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It's as if we've quilted together forever!

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