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A Simple How-To Guide To Sewing a Tote Bag

This week, we’re doing Tote Bag Tuesday!!

Totes are so useful and we’re sure that you have a piece of stunning fabric just lying around that would make a super cute bag. If you’ve never made a simple tote, we have some sage words to get you started along with a free download of a generic pattern and a tip sheet. Start thinking of all the possibilities!! Have kids or Grands that need a new book bag for fall? Or shopping bags and bags to store your fabric so no one really knows quite how much you have????

Let’s dive in and have fun making tote bags!
Teri & Marty

1. Download the “Making A Basic Bag” Tip Sheet [pdf]
2. How To Sew a Simple Tote Bag | Shopping Bag | Beach Bag | Yoga Bag
3. How To Add a Lining to a Bag
4. How To Add a Pocket | Pocket Placement
5. Using a Stabilizer When Adding a Pocket
6. How To Box the Bottom | Bottom Fold
7. Adding a Border Stripe To a Bag | Border Striped Bags
8. Creating a Strong Handle / Strap For Your Bag
9. How To Use Nylon Webbing When Creating a Strap / Handle
10. How To Stitch a Bag Strap / Handle
11. How To Make An Oversized Bag
12. How To Add Backing To A Bag

1. “Sailboats” Tote Bag Kit
2. “Sailboats” Tote Bag Panel
3. Nylon Webbing: Black | White

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