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A Quick and Easy Guide to Border Stripe Table Runners

Summer doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for quilting, so some quick and easy projects feed that need to create. This Border Stripe Table Runner has been around for a bit, but it’s one that we keep going back to as it is 1) quick 2) easy and 3) perfect if you need a quick gift or something absolutely gorgeous to adorn your table.

We’re going to walk through the process with you today along with offering you a whole bunch of kits that are extremely cost-efficient. Click here to go to our Border Stripe page to see what’s available. Each kit will have 2 yds of the border stripe and 1 1/2 yds of backing. All you need to provide is batting and time.

If you have border stripes in your stash, feel free to download the pattern below to get started on your next new project.
Teri & Marty

00:33 minutes – Upcoming Tidbit Planned: July 12 – Mini Quilt Show
00:58 minutes – Revisiting the 60 Degree Triangle Ruler: Step-By-Step How-To
01:50 minutes – How To Create a Tablerunner with the 60’ Triangle Ruler
02:21 minutes – Exploring Border Stripes
02:29 minutes – Determining the Size of Your Tablerunner
03:05 minutes – Deciding What Will Be Your Tablerunner’s Center and Outside
03:15 minutes – Finding the Center of Your Tablerunner03:25 How Do You Want the Center of the Tablerunner To Look
03:44 minutes – Examples of Tablerunner Center Designs
04:42 minutes – Cutting Your Fabric For the Center
05:32 minutes – Cutting the Outside Edge
06:02 minutes – Clever Idea: Using Your Scrap Fabric For Accompanying Pieces / Creations
06:42 minutes – Laying Out Your Tablerunner
07:23 minutes – Using the 60 Degree Triangle Ruler – How To Cut Your Fabric
08:45 minutes – Yardage In Our Kits
09:24 minutes – Your Cut Fabric Pieces – How To Line Up Your Pieces
10:10 minutes – Matching Up Your Fabric Lines & Stitching
10:46 minutes – Using Your Leftover Fabric Pieces: Creating a Runner For the Back of the Toilet or a Table Topper
11:46 minutes – Helpful Hint: Sewing Pieces Together
12:21 minutes – Layering – The Backing
12:45 minutes – Quilting Options
13:00 minutes – Looking at the Big Picture vs Close-Up Details
13:28 minutes – Example of the Use of Leftover Fabric Creations
14:02 minutes – Our Kits – The Easiest Way To Make a Runner
14:28 minutes – Great Gift Idea – Quick and Easy

1. Our Table Runner Kit Collection
2. Creative Grids 60-Degree Triangle Ruler

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