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Introducing Our 2022 Block of the Month Collection, Part 1

You can tell we haven’t done a Tidbits in a while (either that or we need not have both of us doing the presentation) as we feel like we are blithering idiots. Not to worry, we’ll get back in the groove!

This week, we are introducing some of the new Block of the Month [BOM] projects that we have been working on. We really feel that we have a little bit of something for everyone – a little wool, piecing, beginners… We hope that you find something to inspire you!!

Keep out of the chill and we’ll see you next week!
Marty & Teri

This week’s video featured a selection from our Block of the Month Collection:
1. Andrew’s Mill
2. Graceful Words
3. Gnomes at Home

You can view our 2022 Block of the Month Collection here.
Frame Featuring Our 2022 Block of the Month Reveal

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