Our Latest Hot Sheet:

June 1, 2020
We’re Finally Re-Opening!!

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We Look Forward To Your Visit!

We have a ton of new projects to share with you – new kits, fabrics, wool, and gift ideas.
We’ve got all the supplies you need to create that perfect gift, family heirloom, or simply a creative way to spend your time!

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We Are Open For Business!!

We are back to normal hours since June 2. Just in case you can’t remember what normal hours are- Tuesday – Friday, 9:30-5:30 and Saturday 9:30-4. We are closed Sunday and Monday. It’s been a long haul, and this will be a step back to normal!

Yes, we are opening, but there will be a few directives that we’ll all have to follow (for a while, at least)…

◊ All customers will need to wear a mask while in the shop.
◊ We have touch free hand sanitizer dispensers outside both doors, please feel free to avail yourself both coming in and leaving the shop.
◊ If you aren’t feeling well, we ask that you postpone your visit.

That’s pretty much it, guys. Most of you know that Teri, Mikay and I come from a large family. When we were kids, our Dad had a saying whenever we had unsavory news (i.e. grades weren’t quite what they should have been) – “You’re carrying your own insurance”. That was his way of telling us that we needed to be responsible for our own actions. We’ve decided that it was pretty sound advice then, so are using it now. If you aren’t feeling well, stay home. If you come for a visit and the parking lots indicate that there are more people inside than you are comfortable being around, go grab a cup of coffee and try a little bit later.

So, let’s take 1 step back towards normal living, and stop by and see all the new items that arrived since quarantine started.

Teri & Marty

New In Our Store!

Through the Years Fabric Collection
Lynn Hagemeir has been designing fabric as Kansas Troubles for YEARS!  We’ve had her here teaching for us and always look forward to what she comes up with.  Some of you know that she does “layered” patchwork, but we think she’s listening and going back to traditional piecing.  “Through The Years” is her new line and there are some great projects to go along with the fabric.

Round About Bag 
You’d never believe that these 2 bags came from 1 panel!!  All you need to add for the projects is a little fusible batting and a couple of zippers – and don’t get all twitchy – these zippers go in soooo easy!!  This would be a fun project with a teenager – it’s that simple! 
Panels are $14.00

I Spy Quilt
Measurements: 60 x 75 inches
I Spy quilts take a lot of “collecting” time to get all the fabrics to make the quilt. Well, this quilt saves a lot of time because the variety of items are printed on 1 fabric! All you need to do is stitch some basic blocks and start the fun of “I Spy with my little eye…”
Kits are $95

Sixteenth Avenue Phlox 
Measurements: 12 x 12 inches
If you’ve been home happily stitching your wool projects, you’ll love these fresh summer colored phlox.  Hand dyed wools are the key to getting all the nice shades that we see in phlox.  We have a tip to make the project to a little faster, too!!
Kits are $25

Farmhouse Fresh 
Farmhouse Fresh book and new towling – last summer at one of our Dibs & Dabs, we showed lots of fun stuff you can do with toweling.  Jenelle Kent has since written a book with new projects and also designed new towelings to go along with them.  Take a look at her latest projects. 
Book is $26 and toweling is $8 per yd

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