We’ve had our little vaca (yup, did a little stitching and cutting while away also – as you will see later…) and we’re ready to have a blast in 2020. Plans for new BOM programs, Summer Dibs N Dabs ideas and lots more have been running through our noggins! So, let’s start off the new year with a bang!

There’s nothing more boring and tedious as inventory. Most of you might know that 2 folds on a bolt = 1 yd. Do you know how many folds are on over 8000 bolts??? So, we’d like to move out some bolts so we don’t have to count them (see, we are sly!!!) Starting Tuesday, Jan 14… [click here]

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We have a ton of new projects to share with you – new kits, fabrics, wool, and gift ideas.
We’ve got all the supplies you need to create that perfect gift, family heirloom, or simply a creative way to spend your time!

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