So, here is the Material Rewards’ Corona Virus Update

It’s inevitable that we are going to be shut down. We’ve decided to be proactive and handle it in our own way. As of Wednesday, March 18th at 5:30, we will be closed until we get the “word”. We will be at the shop each morning to answer the phone and emails. If you need something (even a spool of thread!) we’ll be happy to pop it in the mail and until further notice, we’ll pay the shipping.

It’s not a decision we are happy to make, but we’re going to try to make it happy for you! We’re packing the website with a bunch of new kits for you to peruse. Take a look and find something to keep you busy.

Material Rewards, I'd rather be sewing. Dansville NY Quilt Shop

We’re also going to be introducing a new Mystery Quilt Project. It’s something that we’ve been tossing around in our feeble heads for a while and decided that now is the time to give it a go.

Last summer, we introduced Deb Heatherly rulers and patterns at our Dibs & Dabs event. Since then, we’ve had lots of opportunities to use them in conventional patterns. It’s wonderful how easy they are to use and how accurate they make the pieces. To that end, we’re going to do a Mystery Quilt, designed by Deb, that will use 1 or 2 of her rulers (that you, most likely, already have). This will be a 3-week mystery (what else you got to do, right???). The quilt is lap sized, so not huge and can easily be done. The cost of the mystery is $25 each week, so $75 for the complete project – + ruler if you need it. For this first project (you never know, there might be more!) you would need the Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler. Teri and I will precut the kit for you, so when it comes to you, it will be ready to start stitching. In the first week, you’ll get the complete kit and the first set of instructions. For the other 2 sets of instructions, we would email them to you – this way, we don’t waste time with the Post Office.

So, if you think this is something you want to dive in with us, we would just need the following information…

 Light or dark background
 Colors you want to work with – earth tones, blues, r/w/b, spring colors, etc
 Fabrics you want to work with – reg cotton, flannel, batik, Christmas, repro, etc

If you have more questions, pop us off an email and we’ll chat!!

Marty and Teri

We Look Forward To Your Visit in the Near Future. Until Then, You Can Shop Online!


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