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Hello all,

We wanted to get another quick note out to you all before the last of the Christmas flurry started in. We figured you wouldn't be too frazzled at this point to be able to sit and read a short one from us! So on to the good stuff.

First of, we wanted to make sure that we wished all of you a Merry Christmas. We know that we won't be seeing all of you (although that would be kind of cool!), so we hope that you have a restful and fulfilling holiday season.

Secondly, we're throwing a quick sale (it's called "Teri and Marty have cleaned again and need room for new stuff coming in" sale! It's a little known fact that the warehouses like to really get everything out of their inventory before the end of the year, so the UPS and FedEx guys are regular sights around here this time of year. So we wanted to be a little proactive and make the space ahead of time.

We have a spot set aside in the back room where we have a variety of items - all 40% off!!!

There are kits, notions and other stuff. We're listing the kits (click on the button to the right), but the other items - you'll just have to stop in and see what's available! When it's gone, it's gone, so let us know if there's anything that we can ship or set aside for you.

Kit Sale - 40% Off Selected Kits - Click here to buy online
Conestoga Crossing BOM

In the last newsletter, we told you that we had a new BOM coming right after the first of the year - Conestoga Crossing.

We got our shop kit today and it's coming along nicely. The fabrics are wonderful - much better than the picture! Kits will be available January 2017, so if you are interested, here's the details for the quilt ...

  • Size: 95" x 112"
  • Program runs for 12 months
  • Cost each month is $25. This includes all fabrics for top and binding.
    Shipping (if necessary) will be on the initial shipment only.
Favorite Things BOM

We will also be starting another BOM - Favorite Things. This is done with wonderful batiks and the best part is that you can choose what colors you would like for your own personal quilt. Just say "I would like purples and greens" and Voila! ... we'll make it happen.

We'll be starting this one in January also which will be the perfect time to start a new project - at least that's my New Year's Resolution - start a new project!

  • Size: 83" x 100"
  • Program runs for 12 months
  • Cost each month is $22. This includes all fabrics for top and binding.
    Shipping (if necessary) will be on the initial shipment only.

We have several, fun NEW KITS that we've tossed onto the website - Courtyard, The Sewing Room and Crossing Paths to name a few. You can click through and see if any of them need to go on your Christmas list. We've marked the new ones with a banner. There are also some additions on the WOOL KITS page. If you did the Halloween project from Buttermilk Basin this Fall, check out the Merrie, Merrie wool project which is done in the same style - very cute!!

New Kits at Material Rewards Quilt Shop

Speaking of Christmas gifts, we have lots of ideas in the shop for giving and getting! Make sure that the family knows that gift certificates are A-OK with you! Sometimes, we find, family members think that gift certificates are a cop-out and don't understand that shopping sprees on someone else's dime are the best gifts yet!

We ship all gift certificates the same day that they are purchased (after that, it's in the Post Office's hands), but don't leave them til the last minute. You all know that the mail slows a bit the closer to the holiday we get.

Material Rewards Gift Cards make the best gifts!

The Lap App

For those of you who enjoy hand work, we have a new item in the shop that is a "must-have" - The Lap App! It sits in your lap (great for road trips) and is 2-way adjustable for height and angle. It has a sand paper for tracing under the cover, an additional cover to convert into an ironing mat, strong magnet to hold your needle, pocket to tuck your scissors, spindles for threads - just about everything that you'll need. Make sure that this is an item for your Christmas list!

If you're doing stitcheries for Christmas gifts and need a frame, remember that we have lots of sizes of Barnwood Frames in stock and can custom make, if you need something different. Odd sizes are easily done - again, just don't wait til the last minute to order as the Elves can only do so much! Frames come in greys, brown/blacks and reds.

If you would like a cute, easy project before Christmas, we came across a series of patterns that fit the bill. Country Faces has done some really wonderful hang tags (these can also double as ornaments!), stockings in multiple sizes and fabric ornaments. Each pattern also has multiple designs, so you're getting a lot in each pattern. It's totally acceptable to start thinking of ideas for next year and the lull at the end of the year is a great time for doing little things such as these.

Country Faces patterns
Closing at 12 noon December 24th and reopening Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last thing ... remember that we will be closed from 12 noon on Christmas Eve, December 24th until Thursday, January 5th.

Like you, some time off will be very welcome to get ready for the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Teri & Marty
Material Rewards

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